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The independent  "energy lab" - when it is finally built ?

In our modern times, many governments are very happy to spend large amounts of tax money to fund research. We as planners, builders and contractors should strive to create more sustainable environments than what is currently being put into place.


New buildings with very short construction times or renovation of existing buildings :

- Install sizable wind turbines on the roof, where wind conditions are favorable and the development plan allows it.

- Install photovoltaic cells/panels on the roof, or next to the building, to maximize the capture of solar energy.

- Utilizing the geothermal heating/cooling benefits of ground water, combined with in-floor heating, helps to maintain proper temperatures inside facilities, without regard to seasons.

In addition, utilize all available modern measures of climate improvement within buildings :

- Use of natural and recyclable materials in all aspects of construction and weatherization.

- Implement energy-saving measures in all premises to provide individual room control, use of modern daylight and motion-controlled LED lighting, intelligent flooring and much more.

- Use of the latest laboratory fittings and furniture (media sealings etc.)

Calculation example:


A small biomedical laboratory / office building, with a usable area of 1200 square meters, which consumes about 110,000 kw/h of electricity per year, while supporting approximately 80 employees - these energy savings can be realized in and around this building, ​​using the latest techniques and materials ! Plus-energy could even been sold back into the public network.

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