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Zino-Michael Hemgesberg


E-Mail: zino@go4labs.com


  • Professional Certificated Construction Manager, Diploma Ingenieur.
  • Professional Certificated Expert for Structural Damage and Construction Failures TÜV Süd Germany approved.





Zino-Michael Hemgesberg (ZMH), born on the Moselle, grew up near Trier - a trained businessman and economist in the craft trades, business administration and Dipl.-Ing. in construction management, today is a specialist site manager for healthcare buildings, research laboratories, institutional buildings, large-scale warehouses, heritage-protected buildings and special construction management buildings. He is one of the few people who has specialized in construction management in the construction management - project steering control.

Through several training courses and his extensive practical experience in small businesses, government institutions and the private sector, he acquired a great deal of expertise in the construction of commercial and private buildings, especially in research laboratory construction, health buildings and special buildings.

This includes a wealth of experience in international construction management in Germany, France, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Luxembourg, where he was involved in the realization of projects and is currently still active.

ZMH is constantly working in the languages ​​/ languages: German, Luxembourgish, English, French, Spanish.

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Zino-Michael Hemgesberg
Bergweg 33
D-54470 Bernkastel-Kues

eMail: zino@go4labs.com



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